😱Pastor uses a snake to conduct deliverance. Can this be God?

South African pastor and the General Overseer of Rabboni Centre Ministries pictured using snake to perform miracle

“There are people who are at a level or position where you can kick the demon, but the demon keeps entering you”, said the man of God in a prophecy during the Holy Communion service at Rabboni Centre Ministries on Sunday

“You need to move to the level where ‘no weapon formed against you shall prosper.’ You cannot be overpowered by the old, move to the level of the Son”, he said.

After giving the word of prophecy, Mrs Makhubela was touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and the spirit inside manifested. The 31 year old from Soshanguve was then assisted to the front by the ushers.

The man of God used this opportunity to demonstrate that indeed the Snake that was raised on the pole (a symbolic reference to Christ Crucified as per John 3:16) is able to give life. The man of God then took the snake used for decorations of the holy Communion table and pointed it towards Mrs Makhubela. Instantly, the spirit inside Mrs Makhubela was overpowered and the lady was seen falling down under the power of the Holy Spirit.

In an interview with Rabboni Media, Ms Makhubela revealed that she has been experiencing some setbacks in her life. She says she cannot grow spiritually because of the challenges she faces. “I am always fighting with my husband and am unemployed and cannot find a job”, said the 31 year old woman.
Mrs. Makhubela believes that everything has been settled, thanks be to the snake of life.

Didn’t they arrest this guy before? Lesego Daniel, the South African pastor who makes his members eat grass and drink petrol, has gone a step further by performing miracles using a live snake.

In photos shared online, the prophet wrapped his pet snake around a cross made in the shape of a cobra head. This happened during their communion service. The controversial prophet placed the snake in the middle of the communion which was later distributed to members to eat and drink.

Lesego’s members seemed to have no qualms about having a snake in their midst and consuming the communion “sanctified” by the snake.

5 Replies to “😱Pastor uses a snake to conduct deliverance. Can this be God?”

  1. Never speak against a man of God…where fake or real. Shebi na God call am leave him to God (He will sure do what’s necessary when due). Don’t invite spiritual battle’s you can’t fight! Just mind your business jeje……..

    The answers you are looking is in the bible you have refused to read……wake up!

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  2. I really can’t speak much about this, but I wish I can…
    Really ,really, people are being deceived but it only God …who can stop” these pastors”
    Lord have mercy!!!!…

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  3. “Under the power of the holy spirit”………how do we even know he is from God or not. He might be from God, but too much knowing could lead you into madness. He might be from God but knowledge in handling the calling and the gift of God is what he might luck. He might also be from the devil, who knows…… lemme just be going eerr.

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