Coronavirus: Think before you forward fake news – Ghanaians told

It appears government has got multiple situations it is grappling with as far as the fight against the fast-spreading Coronavirus pandemic is concerned.

Apart from the phenomenon of having to crack the whip on persons bent on defying the directive of lockdown and compliance with social distancing, there is a surge in the spread of fake news on social media platforms.

An Adviser to the National Response Team, Dr. Ama Kyerewaa Edwin, in view of that has challenged Ghanaians to be circumspect and verify information they acquire before quickly forwarding.

She said the phenomenon of forwarding unverified information was tantamount to attesting to what was being spread.

“…Share accurate texted information. If you hit the forward button, it means you are attesting to it. The worse is people who don’t read what they are forwarding. What is the essence? She quizzed.

What you want to do is to make sure that the information you’re sharing is true, empowering, it’s what people deal with and are going through and not generate fear and anxiety in people,” she added.

Information Minister Kojo Oppong also berated politicians who were using social media platforms to spread false information about the viral disease and urged against the politicization of the phenomenon.

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