I’m currently suffering from a heart disease after taking sex enhancing pills to satisfy my wife’ – Man

The negative effect of sex enhancing pills cannot be written off as long as health related matters is concerned.

A man has narrated how he is suffering from a heart disease after taking sexual enhancing pills for long just to satisfy his wife.

Read his full post to relationship expert, Joro below:

I am currently suffering from Cardiomyopathy. A heart condition because I was taking sexual enhancing drugs to satisfy to my wife. I thank God am alive.

Joro What is painful part there is I believe my wife is cheating. If I climb up a fleet of stairs my heart will races. Doctors say the drug wore my heart out.

Please don’t take sexual enhancing drugs for any woman.

After all I did I think my wife is cheating. Decided to share after reading a comment from a lady 20minutes sex is not enough and the ideal is 1 hour per round.

If you check the research male porn stars who take these pills don’t live past 60 years. 

I damaged my heart for my wife. I believe she is cheating. I greatly believe so I guess I lost,” – The man wrote.

Don’t be shy to find natural remedy for your sexual weakness but say no to the enhancing pills.

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