50-Year-Old-Man Reveals Strategy He Used In Sleeping With 6 Ladies

A 50-year-old man has opened up on the strategy he used in getting six different women into his bed.

Gobela Faniyakhe who is from KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa has succeeded in marrying six wives.

According to a report in South Africa, he married all the six women in a single wedding ceremony.

Gobela said he will marry more women in the future, as his target is to have more than 14 wives.

According to him, he spent more than R700 000, an equivalent to $46,185, in preparing for the wedding.

Gobela reportedly has 21 children with his six wives and currently stays with all of them at his homestead.

One of the wives said their husband informed the others of his decision to hold a joint wedding for them which they all agreed to.

Meanwhile, Gobela said he has no timetable when it comes to choosing which wife to sleep with.

“When the sun goes down I decide which wife I’m going to sleep with,” he quoted.

“No one knows where I’m going to sleep, so I keep them guessing. I do this so none of the wives cheat. They all expect my knock.”

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