Civilian ‘accidentally’ shot dead in lockdown operation

A man in Ashaiman has been shot dead during an operation by security forces enforcing the president’s lockdown orders.

The military, in a statement, said the man died after a soldier’s weapon discharged accidentally.


The Ghana Armed Forces is investigating an incident that occurred in Ashiaman, Accra on Sunday 5 April 2020.The incident involved an attempt by a civilian to disarm a soldier who was conducting an arrest as part of OP COVID SAFETY.

The civilian was being arrested on suspicion of indulging in illegal conduct contrary to the Narcotics Act. Initial reports are that the suspect in resisting arrest attempted to disarm the soldier leading to a struggle during which the soldier’s rifle accidentally went off.

The suspect sustained life-threatening injuries and while being conveyed to the hospital for medical attention unfortunately passed on. The body has been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue in Accra.

Investigations have already commenced into the incident.
The Ghana Armed Forces wishes to assure the general public that details of its investigations will be duly communicated.

Director Public Relations

Issued by the Public Relations Directorate, General Headquarters, Burma Camp, Accra

8 Replies to “Civilian ‘accidentally’ shot dead in lockdown operation”

  1. Ghanaians are very stubborn, it has been stated stay at home n then u go even do illegal business, not to talk of more, you struggle with the soldiers…
    How can you joke with your precious life??
    It very condolences to the bereaved family… May he rest in peace God save his soul..


  2. Probably he thought citizens being indoors is the right time for him to take action. But seriously why do you have to smuggle drug illegal when you certainly know there are a lot of dispatched security personnels in town. And then when you are being caught u struggle with the security personnel. That’s too inlawful. Security personnel should also be careful in handling their weapons. What if it hit another person who was just going to buy something or probably going to work as well. That’s awful


  3. We are gradually becoming recalcitrant as the day goes by. You see your end?
    Democracy and “I know my right” is gradually bringing chaos into our country.
    The earlier we change the better.

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  4. Huuulalaaaa, having a taste of the kind of training military personnel passes through before passing out as a military personnel helps me overcome any intention to ever struggle with a military woman, talk of a man… It’s time Ghanaians accord them the necessary respect.
    May his soul rest in peace.

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