Nigeriens who tested positive for coronavirus refuse treatment – Police

The two Nigeriens, who were arrested in Accra and later tested positive for COVID-19 , have refused to submit to treatment.

They have since been returned from the Ga East Municipal Hospital, Ghana’s main national
COVID-19 treatment center.

The two foreigners are currently being held in a secluded police facility, the Ghana Police Service said on Tuesday.

“The two Nigeriens who tested positive to
COVID-19 and were transferred from a Police holding facility of the Accra District Police to the National Treatment Center have been returned to the Police facility as a matter of necessity, to enable health officials to manage them,” the Ghana Police Service said in a Facebook post.

The development sparked widespread agitations among officers, who appear exposed to the deadly infection.

But the police further clarified that: “The two refused to submit to treatment at the national treatment center, making their management difficult, thus their return”.

The Police said the government of Ghana is engaging the Nigerien Ambassador to Ghana to decide on the management of the two cases.

The government is, however, yet to decide whether or not the two will be repatriated to their home country.

Meanwhile, the Police says its officers will not be in contact with any of the two foreigners as it engages its medical team to “safeguard Police officers and our facility”.


The two were arrested in Accra for flouting
COVID-19 lockdown on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

They were detained at the Accra District Police Station and later tested positive for the virus on Friday, April 10, 2020.

2 Replies to “Nigeriens who tested positive for coronavirus refuse treatment – Police”

  1. They should just be repatriated to their county…… this is no big deal. The police should also be very cautious in preventing from getting ………that’s all


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