About 12,000 Coronavirus samples backlog to be tested- Oppong Nkrumah

Ghana’s laboratories have been tasked to work round the clock to process a backlog of over 12 thousand samples collected for testing for covid-19.

Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah in a tweet on Thursday evening said the processing will be in addition to 51,000 samples already tested as at yesterday.

Contact tracing teams and lab technicians were tasked to trace some initial about 10,000 at-risk-persons but have already tested some 50,000.
The enhanced testing program makes Ghana the second most aggressive country in testing for covid-19 in Africa.

Experts say early testing is key in helping a country take control of the spread and contain in.

Analysts say the processing of the backlog should conclude the aggressive testing program aimed at determining Ghana’s infection rate to aid in decision making.

“Many thanks to the contact tracing teams and lab technicians for the aggressive work you are doing. You were tasked to find some about 10k at risk persons. You have done 5x that and so far 51k of your samples have been tested” Mr Nkrumah disclosed.

The Minister in a further tweet said “As you work round the clock to complete the processing of the extra about 12k backlog samples submitted, be encouraged that the nation is grateful for you service, Akpe Na Mi”

Ghana has so far recorded 641 positive cases of the virus with 83 recoveries and 8 deaths. Having conducted 50,000 tests Ghana’s infection rate is thought to be around 1.3%

President Akufo-Addo in his last nation address on Ghana’s response extended the imposition of restrictions in greater part of Accra and Kumasi for one more week to avoid community spread of the virus.

With an infection rate of about 1.3% it remains unclear what the President’s decision will be moving forward.

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