Partial Lockdown lifted by the President Starting Tomorrow

The partial lockdown on Greater Accra and Greater Kumasi has been lifted by the president starting 1:00am, yet social distancing must be observed by every citizen in the country.

Trotro drivers are still to maintain the social distance they have been observing for the last three weeks


  1. Lockdown lifted.
  2. Compulsory face masks
  3. COLA for Civil/Public Servants
  4. Reduction in cost of internet data
  5. Enhanced contact tracing and testing.
  6. LEAP support to the vulnerable via Momo
  7. Ban on public gathering extended for some weeks.
  8. Demurrage and rent charges on freights at seaports waived.
  9. Essential workers brackets expanded.
  10. Markets restrictions relaxed a bit.
  11. Stimulus package to businesses expanded.

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