FDA orders recall of COA FS products over E.Coli contamination

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) says it has recalled the Centre of Awareness Food Supplement (COA FS) after some samples revealed E.Coli contamination.

The testing of samples of the product in Cape Coast also revealed “excessive microbial, mould and yeast contamination,” according to an FDA statement.

“Meanwhile the manufacturer, COA Herbal Centre, has been directed by the FDA to recall the product from the Ghanaian market,” the statement added.

The FDA noted that persons with weakened immune systems, who are targets of the COA FS, “can become seriously ill due to the ingestion of products contaminated with E.Coli.”

“Those who are in possession of the product are being directed to return the product to the manufacturer, place of purchase or any of the FDA offices across the country.”

The FDA analysis was done on samples picked from the market and the COA Herbal Centre in Wusorkrom near Cape Coast.

COA FS gained some popularity because it was reported to be an effective treatment for the novel coronavirus.

The Executive President of COA FS, Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, had stated in an earlier interview that the supplement could cure the novel coronavirus.

But the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) came out to say it had neither independently tested nor verified COA FS as a treatment for the virus.

2 Replies to “FDA orders recall of COA FS products over E.Coli contamination”

  1. Yh it’s true tho, who do you want to risk his or her life to take the medicine. And what if the worse happens, who bears the consequences. And then government will be blamed for that. That is why testing of these medications are essential. So they shouldn’t be bored or bothered about that.


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