COVID 19-The deed has been done, attacking us won’t bring back wasted lives… China tells America

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Geng Shuang has reacted to reactions terminated by America over their straightforwardness about the infection expressing that assaulting China “wouldn’t win back sat around idly or lost lives.

Talking at a press briefing on Monday, Geng exhorted the worldwide network to concentrating more on coming together as one to battle Coronavirus as opposed to attempting to refuse to accept responsibility for the issue at hand.

“We trust those individuals in the US regard realities, science and universal agreement”, he said. “They should quit assaulting and accussing China, quit offerring flippant comments and focus more on local control and global collaboration.”

“Certain Americans ought to be clear about this: China isn’t their foe. The Global network must unite as one to win the battle against the infection.” Geng said

Talking further on Australia’s call for investigation of the inception of the virus from Wuhan, China, Geng labeled it as ‘impolite’.

He encouraged Australia to grasp two- sided co-activity as opposed to reverberating a specific nation and following its stride to aggravate the issue.

In the mean time, past endeavors by the US to send specialists into China had been repelled, President Trump said on Sunday

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