Man arrested for selling ‘Fake’ Coronavirus preventive cream at Kasoa

A man has been arrested at Kasoa for selling a fake ‘Coronavirus preventive cream’.

According to a UTV News report, the man who is using a branded vehicle is going around the vicinities of Kasoa with a cream which according to the seller prevents one from contracting coronavirus.

The seller says the cream that sells at only GHC5 can be applied on the nose, forehead, and hands and this would help Coronavirus from attacking the person who uses it.

The man also convinced people that they won’t need to wash their hands or use nose masks once they buy and use his preventive cream.

The seller was arrested and sent to the divisional police station where he refused to speak on the matter because he claims it’s someone who produces the cream and he’s only a common seller so until the producer and his lawyer comes, he won’t speak up.

2 Replies to “Man arrested for selling ‘Fake’ Coronavirus preventive cream at Kasoa”

  1. Aaaaba, oohh, we are the cause of our own perishing as it has always been the case…

    What was he thinking, that he would not be apprehended???



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