TV Broadcast of Mallams and Fetish Priests comes to a halt.

This directive was issued directly from the office of the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, through a letter to the NMC to ban all Mallams and Fetishs to cease advertising their services on TV.

It has now become a common practice on TV for these recalcitrants who dupe patrons with money as a bait with the promises of rendering some services to them.

The practice has become rampant to the extent that, some of these mallams and fetish priests have opened their own TV stations to broadcast their services 24/7.

This directive will come as a huge relief to patrons who have suffered in the dealings of these Mallams and Fetish Priests. Most Ghanaians will welcome this with massive cheers because of the many complaints by the masses.

Some Ghanaians have raised concerns on some pastors whose dealings are not different to that of the Mallams and the fetishs.

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