Is the NDC also typing a letter to suspend Rawlings? – Manasseh asks

Jj Rawlings

Renowned award-winning freelance investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni has stated that if Bernard Allotey Jacobs’ suspension by opposition National Democratic Congress ( NDC) is due to his unfavourable commentary about the NDC, then the founder of the NDC, former President JJ Rawlings, deserves to be suspended as well for having said “worse things”.

Yesterday, Mr Allotey Jacobs was suspended for his “persistent anti-party conduct” which many have linked to his regular criticism of the NDC in the media, mainly as a regular panelist on Peace FM’s Kokorooko show.

The Functional  Executive Committee which acted in the stead of the National Executive Committee said, it suspended the embattled former executive describing  his acts as ” persistent anti-party conduct”. In a letter dated 6th May, 2020 and signed by the party’s National President, Mr Allotey Jacobs is said to have breached articles 46(1), 46(6) and 46(8)(b) of the NDC constitution.

But for Mr Azure Awuni, “If it’s about Allotey Jacob’s “unpatriotic” comments about the NDC then Rawlings has said worse things? Or his letter is still being typed?” He wandered. Former President Rawlings has been critical of the NDC which he founded.

His criticism has been so severe and far-reaching that it has added such expressions such as “greedy bastards” and “babies with sharp teeth” to our political lexicon.

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