Today In History; Exactly 3 Years Captain Maxwell Mahama Was Murdered At Denkyira Obuasi

Today marks exactly three years Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama was murdered by some residents of a town in the Central Region called Denkyira Obuasi.

The country was thrown into an utmost shocked when the death of Captain Maxwell Mahama was reported. On the 29th of May, 2017, Captain Maxwell Mahama was lynched by some residents who suspected him of being an armed robber.

Reports said that, Captain Mahama went out to jog in the area where some residents mistook him for a robber because of the possession of a gun. Some local towns men alert the other residents who pounced on him, stoned him to death and also burnt his body partially.

Videos of the brutality went viral after some of the residents took coverage of the act. Most people condemned the act and called for justice for Captain Maxwell Mahama.

An uncle of Maxwell Mahama, Mr Fred McBagonluri, reacting to the incident, said “I was about to sleep when I heard the news. It was 11 pm [on Monday evening] when a call came to my wife, his aunt, and I heard the name Adam and I knew something bad had happened to him. He was lynched by the very people he had taken an oath to protect. He had only been in the area for about three weeks”.

Although some people were arrested in connection to the lynching of Captain Maxwell Mahama, justice has still not been served as the case still pends in court.

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