Rev.Prophet KB Festus, founder of WORD HOUSE

The bible says that the Word of God is the Truth, YES! and one NUTRIENTS of the Word of God is FREEDOM. If you’re loaded with the Word of God Freedom is tagged to Your Life.

A lot of men of God don’t preach about the spiritual creatures; that is demons and the dark world. They preach about Money and Prosperity.

Yes, preaching about money and prosperity is good but you have to understand that not all CHRISTIANS are FREE. They need to know the schemes of the enemy and how they operate and apply them in order to be free from BONDAGE and ATTACKS.

Most men of God don’t preach warfare to the core, they rather preach about blessings and how to decode it. But the issue is when you teach them and you don’t show them how to cover the BLESSINGS they have received, they will pray anything according to principles of attaining your blessings but the enemies will hijack that release.

2 Corinthians 2:11 lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.

Most believers and men of God are familiar with the devil’s evil schemes but what are we doing to abort those schemes?
Receiving blessings or always seeking for prosperity?
Will the devil flee when he sees your wealth or will want to even destroy you?
Checkout what’s going on in our world today and see the rate at which the scheme of the enemy is gaining grounds.

Be vigilant as a believer!

Teachings by Prophet K.B Festus

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