VGMA 2021: Who Takes The Artist Of The Year Award?

As it is usually observed, music fanatics from every part of the country, sit behind their television screens waiting patiently for who picks an award at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards program.

The ceremony has become a very competitive setting, where numerous music talents meet to grab awards, and also perform to cheer their fans.

One thing that makes the show distinct is that, it is not all the time that expectations are met. Some highly anticipated awards are given to musicians who really worked for their rewards.

Irrespective of how popular you are as a musician, you might be disappointed if you don’t put in maximum effort to convince the organizers you deserve to be awarded.

There are so many award categories enlisted for the ceremony. However, the most important among them all is the ultimate ‘Artist Of The Year’ title.


He is one of the most consistent rappers in Ghana at the moment. His stage name is widely known by both the young and old due to the kind of songs he releases.

Sark stands a high chance of winning this year’s award because he has topped charts and is still making waves after staying in the music scene for over a decade.


She is a talented and adorable female sensation who has made her brand distinguished, because of the way she presents herself during music festivals.

The “Why” hitmaker has been approved by a lot of people in the Ghanaian community, which is a clear indication why she made her way into this year’s list of nominees.


Another respected hip hop rapper who will be participating in the oncoming entertainment awards show is AMG Medikal.

He is recognized for commercial songs like Borla Bird, Talk To Am, and Street Code.

In my opinion, he might become a big threat to most of his colleagues in this category.

Diana Hamilton

Diana has come a long way in the music industry. She has proved her worth by competing with male musicians in the gospel music scene.

After giving Ghanaians back to back gospel hits, she is in the major nomination category, hoping to make all gospel musicians proud at the end of the ceremony.

Kuami Eugene

Looking at his ability to stay relevant after his recent successes, it is quite obvious he was born for this music profession.

He is facing so many good artists in this year’s category. Recent updates concerning his selection for this specific category, has given lots of Ghanaians the impression he might fail to continue his legacy.

However, as an experienced music maker, I believe he will do all he can to protect his craft and prestige.

We wish him the best of luck in this year’s race.


The “Sugar Daddy” composer has made his name recognized in this year’s nomination list. He is one musician who really has to live up to expectations.

Judging from the way his songs are flooding the airwaves, he is definitely going to leave a mark at the end of this year’s award celebration.

In summary, they all deserve it but I think it’s between Kidi and Diana Hamilton

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