He Deserves A Stiffer Punishment: More Troubles Unfold For Kaaka’s Brother

It is emerging that the late Macho Kaaka was attacked by his own brother, Baba Idi. The information was confirmed after preliminary investigations by the Ghana Police Service in a statement that has been released. Already, the brother of Kaaka is in the custody of the Ghana Police Service with three others but it seems his woes are about to worsen.

A few hours ago, another lady revealed in an interview that she saw Kaaka’s brother attacking him in the night. She confirmed that Kaaka’s brother must be held responsible for the entire brouhaha because he caused the death. She was however quick to allege that Kaaka’s brother is mentally unstable.

The confirmation by the police makes the issue clear that Kaaka did not die through his social media activities

Even though the police are still investigating the matter and the court has not passed its judgment, most Ghanaians are still trying to come to terms on why Kaaka’s brother can be that bold to commit such a serious crime. Brothers are supposed to protect each but to have one going to the extent of murdering the other is unheard of.

With this, some persons believe the police must ensure strict punishments are meted out to the brother of Kaaka, Baba Idi. His decision to attack Kaaka also sparked the entire brouhaha at Ejura killing two other persons. If Kaaka had not been attacked, the Ejura Shooting would not have occurred and the other young men would have been alive by now.

If found guilty by the court, Baba Idi must take responsibility for the two others who died during the protest. Baba Idi has a lot on his head for now. However, such persons must be made to pay for their crimes and some Ghanaians have been calling for a life in prison sentence on his head. Sentencing such a person to life in prison will take him out of society for good.

It will prevent him from causing further harm to other members of the family. Even though the court has not released a sentence on him, we believe the best form of punishment for such a person is to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

It will go a long way to serve as a deterrent to others. The opinion shared in this piece is not to prejudice the case pending before the court.

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