The money they say is “the root of all evil”.

People sell their conscience because of money but when you see a mother that carried her child for good nine months being cruel and inhuman to her child, you ask what kind of devilish mother is this.

When it is said that the heart of women is at their back, some see it as feminism.

The curses women have brought upon themselves because of their heartless attitude are uncountable

Women why?

Why never think before you act?

It is a heart bleeding that women of these days turn against their blood without mercy.

There have been uncountable sadistic attitudes women perpetuate in these modern era and take it as being sharp girl or wise girl.

The world have witnessed some many unthinkable attitudes women do towards their children. When you think you have seen it all, the new trend surface. There have been bad news, ranging from a lady who gave birth to a child and sealed the child in a nylon to suffocate and die, some put their in dustbins, some throw their through a fence.

The one i have witnessed within our vicinity was a girl, who gave birth and put the child in a pit toilet.

Well it is another wicked and touching story again as a lady buried her three months old baby in order to marry a rich man.

This single mother who buried her three months old child alive did so because she met a rich man who promised to marry her. However, in order to save her marriage with the rich man she decided to bury the child while the child was asleep on the ground that the man will not to marry her if he finds out that she has a child already. See the pictures of the mother and the child at incident;


    1. Is this a reality or just s story? Surely theres no point carrying a child in your womb for 9 months then bond with the child and then u kill the child because of the possibility of a marriage, which may not even last…Wow this is not even a marriage which is based upon love but convenience, because if she was motivated by love , then there can be no greater love than the love shared between a mother and her child. May God help

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  1. I think this I’d too wicked for a mother to do..
    As mothers cherish their children, she hasn’t heard about it or what??
    Heartless n inhuman act..
    May God have mercy n help us all..
    While others are moving from one Church to the other, just look..
    Ooooh God..
    Am very sad..

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