100 children infected by Coronavirus in Ghana

A total of 100 boys and girls under the age of 15 years are down with the coronavirus infection, also known as COVID-19, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has indicated.

The development has busted the myth of children being less susceptible to the virulent infection that has killed some eight people in Ghana.

This implies that at least one out of six cases of the 641 reported on Wednesday, April 15, on the official COVID-19 website of the GHS,  were children.

This was contained in the age group and gender distribution of the cases recorded in Ghana so far.

Men in the age group of 35-44 years old were the highest while their female counterparts registered the lowest number of infections.

In total, male infections recorded were more than half and accounted for 60% and the females were in the minority of 40%.

According to GHS, 268 of the 641 cases were reported from routine surveillance, 258 from enhanced surveillance activities and 115 from travellers under mandatory quarantine in both Accra and Tamale.

Meanwhile, the country has made strides in the detection of cases as it ranks second-best in terms of testing of COVID-19 cases on the African continent.

2 Replies to “100 children infected by Coronavirus in Ghana”

  1. The male Human system is a simple system that isn’t complex to detect the virus…….but the female’s is a very complex system which can keep the diseases for long without you detecting it…….I believe that is the reason for the cases of the male being risen higher


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